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dissolution of marriage

We understand the psychological, emotional, and financial turmoil that comes with having a divorce. Experienced and dependent counsel is needed whether or not the divorce is mediated, negotiated, or brought before a judge
for litigation.

modification of alimony

As the years go on, certain scenarios and circumstances can bring about the need  to adjust alimony. This is allowed in the state of Florida but can be a lengthy and overwhelming process. Having an experienced lawyer will only make it easier on you and the other party.


In the midst of a divorce, establishing child custody and support can turn ugly. Accusations and assumptions over money can turn even the most cooperative parents against each other. This is why it is highly recommended to involve legal counsel from the beginning.


As sad and heartbreaking the thought of domestic violence is, it is a real concern in Florida and across the U.S. If you are victim to this type of pain it is incredibly important to seek protection . We work aggressively to ensure you are safe and that you and your families rights are maintained.


Divorce definitely isn't cheap. Nor is it a quick and easy process. Mediation is a great method that is both timely and cost effective. In some cases, mediation is often required. At our firm, we have had numerous years of experience working through issues while remaining neutral.


Paternity cases typically come up when a child is born out-of-wedlock. It's extremely important to come to an agreement on financial support, division of time, and responsibility. We strive to establish an agreement that will not only be best for the child but for the parental parties.


With all things considered, the thought of drafting a will can be daunting. However, this can and likely will bring comfort and relief once written. You'll be able to rest easy after working with us knowing your assets and loved ones are secure should
anything happen.

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  • Enforcement Proceedings

  • Visitation/Time Sharing

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Collaborative Law

  • Durable Power of Attorney

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