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We practice exclusively in family law to provide our clients with the highest level of experienced legal representation.

Located in Palm Beach Gardens, we stand by men and women in a variety of family law matters, including divorce, paternity, child custody, enforcement, mediation, and collaborative law.

Victoria Calebrese

Mrs. Calebrese, with over 33 years of family law experience, also offers a host of specialty services to cater to your unique needs. She has specialized exclusively in family law since 1984, is Board Certified in Marital & Family Law, and is also a Certified Family Law Mediator. 

Her practice focuses on providing a high level of service to her clients. She combines extensive traditional litigation experience with an emphasis on settlement and mediation to effectively represent clients; with a dedication to preserving and protecting the family. Mrs. Calebrese and her staff pride themselves on client involvement and client services with prompt attention to one’s individual needs.

Mrs. Calebrese is also a certified family law mediator. In her role as a mediator she does not represent either party in a divorce, rather, she is a facilitator that assists the parties in settling their issues in their divorce. In her role as a mediator, she cannot give legal advice to either party.

Parties can hire Mrs. Calebrese as a mediator prior to filing a divorce to attempt to settle all issues. Parties can also hire Mrs. Calebrese as a mediator after they have filed a divorce, through their lawyers, if they have one.

Yannis Acosta

Yannis Acosta joined Victoria Calebrese, P.A. in May 2011. Born in La Habana, Cuba, Mrs. Acosta is fluent in Spanish. She attended Florida Metropolitan University, receiving her Associate degree in paralegal in 2003; South University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in legal studies in 2005; and Nova Southeastern University, receiving her Master of Arts in Cross-Disciplinary Studies in 2010. 

She began her professional career 14 years ago working for a personal injury law firm and later transitioning to family law. Using her knowledge, research skills, and past experiences, Yannis strives to continually share new ideas to improve productivity and client satisfaction.